Thursday, 30 January 2014

Growth Mindset - Own It

Own It

We've been talking about using Growth Mindset in our classrooms, and about how we can both use and encourage our students to use positive self-talk.  This month, we want students to OWN IT.  This means, we want students to start accepting feedback, internalizing it, and using it.  The following video illustrates a Grade One student doing exactly that.

Something that is important for us, as teachers, to remember is that too much feedback may be overwhelming, and students may not accept it because they don't know where to start.  By focusing on one detail or success criteria item, students may be more willing to make changes that will be more permanent.

The idea of "Own It" ties nicely into self- and peer-assessment.  If students have an open, growth mindset about feedback, they're more likely to see themselves more accurately when evaluating themselves.

How do you think you might implement "Own It" in your classroom this month?

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